We cultivate our olive groves on the slopes of Monte Lauro, in a hilly area at over 600 meters above sea level.

The cultivars are the traditional ones, which have always been present in this land. This cultivars adapt more than others to seasonal temperature variations, from over 40° in summer to several degrees below zero in winter. They resist better to the hot sirocco wind and to the cold and sharp tramontane. This cultivars are capable of transferring all this heritage of nature into an oil with unique characteristics.

Tonda Iblea: it is the queen of our olive groves, it makes up approximately 90% of the olives we cultivate and is the one that most characterizes our oil.

The Tonda Iblea trees are very vigorous with medium-dense foliage and medium-sized dull gray leaves.

The olives are large and they are also excellent as table olives.

Nocellara Etnea: traditional olive of the entire south-eastern side of Sicily, has vigorous trees with dense foliage and pendulous habit.

The olives are medium large with firm pulp and are also widely used as table olives.

Moresca: its name derives from the color that the ripe fruit takes on. The tree has an expanded shape with rather large elliptical leaves.

The olives have a medium size, ripen early and are also widely used as table olives, dried black ones.

Biancolilla: originally from western Sicily, it is also very widespread in the eastern part of our island. It owes its name to the light-colored olives that tend towards lilac during maturation.

The plant has notable vigor with a pendulous and upright habit and dark green leaves.