The DOP MONTI IBLEI is the official recognition of the valuable characteristics of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained in the homogeneous area of ​​the Hyblaean Mountains, a territory south of Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

The DOP extra virgin olive oil from the "Hyblaean Mountains" is characterized by a very fresh aroma and a medium fruity flavour, with persistent notes of green tomato.

To keep the nutritional values ​​​​unaltered and preserve the characteristic flavour, the same production process has been maintained for over 2000 years: the olives are harvested and selected manually and within 48 hours from the harvest they are cold pressed, without subsequent physical or chemical manipulation.

Consuming DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil means getting closer to the land, its history and its traditions. Thanks to the centuries-old skill and experience of olive growers, Sicily has obtained this prestigious European recognition.