Terre di Santo Spirito is located in the Hyblaean Mountains, a mountai range that characterizes the south-eastern tip of Sicily and it straddles the provinces of Ragusa, Syracuse and Catania.
The Hyblaean Mountains have a sub-circular development around Monte Lauro (987 m), the highest peak of the range, an ancient extinct volcano whose crater is still recognisable. From Monte Lauro originates hilly ribs that slope towards the Sicilian Channel, on one side, and the Ionian Sea, on the other.

The southern offshoot of Monte Lauro is made up of Monte Casale (821 m) on whose plateau the ancient Casmene stood and from which the Liequa Torrent flows which runs alongside our entire farm.

We live and cultivate a land rich in history, with a traditional farmland of great environmental value where a high biodiversity persists.

The cultivation of the olive tree is certainly among those with the most ancient tradition and still today characterizes the landscape of the Hyblaean, flanked by carob and almond trees in a poignant beauty landscape.